We know logistics

Parcel Port is founded in the belief that through innovation and partnership we can together find ways to change logistics processes for the better. You can trust the Parcel Port team to have your best interests at heart, always.

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Canadian owned

Parcel Port is a well funded wholly owned and operated Canadian company with administrative offices in Vaughan, Ontario and a warehouse in Kitchener, Ontario.


Our leadership team is very knowledgeable in logistics, IT, marketing, customer service and project management with a combined 60+ years of experience delivering customer facing solutions. Plus we're nice people as well!


We're laser-focused on developing last-mile delivery solutions utilizing our Smart Parcel Lockers. As innovators, we never stop thinking of new and exciting ways of delivering new services and making logistics more efficient.

Building for the future

The Parcel Port plan is to develop an extensive, coast to coast network of Smart Parcel Lockers within 5 years. We're hard at work making that happen and with your cooperation we're confident we'll get there.

Exclusive partnerships

Aside from our partnerships with Canada's largest courier companies, we have an exclusive manufacturing arrangement in place as well as a major location agreement with one of Canada’s largest retailers to have Smart Parcel Lockers installed across Canada.

You can trust us

We take privacy very seriously so we take extra measures to guarantee you and your customer's and tenant's privacy. We're fully compliant with Canadian laws and we're transparent in everything we do…

We Keep Good Company!

We've partnered up with some of Canada's biggest organizations to develop Smart Parcel Locker Solutions that deliver measurable value for all participants.


We’ve helped some of Canada’s largest companies find solutions to their logistics needs. We can help with yours. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly.