Manage Courier Traffic in your Buildings

We work directly with Canada’s largest couriers to dramatically reduce the amount of time required for drivers to service an entire building.

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Parcel Port partners with Canada's Largest Couriers

Our Smart Parcel Locker is a building amenity that can automatically handle all of your inbound courier shipments regardless if they’re for your tenant’s business or personal use.

Our Smart Locker solution includes a host of standard value added services designed to provide you with a worry free, self-running device

The Hard work is on us

We take care of all maintenance and  management of the Smart Lockers once they've been installed in your space. One less thing to worry about.

Heroic Support

We'll assign a team support member to be on hand at launch and we'll be available to help online or via our toll free number every day afterwards. We’ll make you look good.

Couriers Love us

Couriers can easily and quickly service the entire building in one visit, dropping off parcels at one location instead of hunting for each recipient throughout the building.

Happy Tenants

Whether designed for your office workers or your tenants, they will seriously appreciate the convenience, privacy and flexibility of 24/7 parcel pickups.

Notifications are on us

Once a parcel has been dropped off at one of our Smart Lockers, Parcel Port will take care of all notifications to the recipient via text messages and emails.

Flexible Pricing Options

We offer several attractive payment plans including a monthly “all in” lease fee and purchase with on-going support option.

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We're the Toast of the Town!

Here's what our users and customers are saying about the Parcel Port Smart Locker Experience
”This is so convenient and efficient. Thank you! “
”Quick and easy! Great idea!”
”Such a great experience! I always miss the calls from the couriers, this was easier. Thanks for putting this in, much better experience.”
“This was awesome and so easy to use!! So happy to see this service being offered now! Well done”
"It is amazing. This is something we definitely needed and I am sure will make the couriers very happy! It is so nice to know that you will get your parcel when it arrives. A great improvement for all!"
“This is really amazing. easy steps to get the parcels. I really loved it. ”
"I don’t know why we haven’t been using this service from the beginning. It’s amazingly easy & for someone like me with crippling social anxiety in certain instances, I like the “self-serviceness” it allows."
“I loved it. Easy, simple to use. It really takes away my anxiety of not being present when the parcel comes or if it's left outside the door. Thanks”  
"Excellent service and pretty convenient. Nice job guys!"
"This is super awesome! Convenient, easy and fast. Love it! Thank you for this great service."
"This works great! It is so nice to know that certain parcels no longer risk being misplaced or lost! Very simple process."
“Great service – easy and convenient.”

“This service is great! very useful and a great user experience.”
“It was an excellent way to receive a parcel, easy to retrieve, convenient as it was available whenever I had time to get the package.”
“It was fantastic, quick, easy and effortless. Perfect solution for parcel receipt. Thank you very much!”
“This was my first experience with Parcel Port and I thought it was great. So simple, easy to understand and convenient.”
Super fast and very-very convenient. Thank you for such a convenient way to get a parcel!!!
“Thank you for removing the frustration of having to be tied to your desk waiting for a delivery.Have used Parcel Port twice now and it's fantastic.”
“Perfect! First time using Parcel Port and it was a completely accurate & hassle free experience. Last time I attempted to receive a delivery without Parcel Port was a nightmare with missed deliveries and delays”
“It is very convenient and easy to use. I like it. Thanks.”
“This was a great experience – secure, safe and easy. Thank you.”