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Revolutionizing last mile delivery

the time is nowSmart Locker Solutions for Couriers 

Logistics solutions for the cutting edge courier.

Using our lockers in community locations, courier depots, residential dwellings and commercial buildings can significantly reduce your last mile costs while delighting your consignees.

Parcel Port is the definitive Last Mile Delivery Solution.

Express Couriers who use our Smart Parcel Lockers are saving over 75% on last-mile delivery costs and are giving consignees a service they love because it is convenient, private, secure and available 24/7.

Courier Smart Locker

Your Complete Solution

Eliminate Missed Deliveries - No more “Not at Home” messages or expensive re-deliveries. Use Parcel Port as a convenient way for your consignees to pick up their missed deliveries.

Residential Delivery Alternative -Dramatically lower your costs for residential deliveries by eliminating re-deliveries and the time consuming task of delivering individual shipments by giving your consignees the option of using a Parcel Port locker for their pickups.

Drop Off Location - Make it easier for your customers to drop off outbound shipments by using a local Parcel Port as the drop center.

Lower Costs, Increase Revenue

Streamline Your Shipping Center - Installing a Parcel Port Locker outside of your shipping center or depot allows you to reduce staff costs while offering a convenient 24/7 drop off and pick up option.

Customer Service - We take care of customer notifications once the parcel has been deposited by your driver via automated text and emails. Your customers will love the attention.

Easy Set Up - Using our open API (application program interface) you can easily and seamlessly integrate into our parcel locker network allowing you automate the operations of your delivery team.