Canada's Smartest Smart Lockers

Our Smart Locker application supports a single scan process for both drop offs and pickups. It's super fast and efficient for couriers to deposit parcels into our lockers and for users to pick them up.

We put the "Lock" in Lockers

Modular Design

Our lockers are configured with a host and locker banks, consisting of 18 slots of three different sizes per bank, that are daisy-chained together depending on the size required. This makes our lockers easy to expand, install & move.

Durable Construction

Our lockers are made entirely from high strength rolled steel with electro-mechanical locks that are made to thwart any forced entry. Further, our lockers can be located indoors or out with the addition of an internal heater and canopy.

security camera

Built-In Security

Standard equipment includes IP enabled video dome cameras running 24/7 with a built-in DVR recording every move in and around the locker.

Standard Supporting Components

Every locker comes with smart solution peripherals such as parcel presence sensors, 17” terminal touch screen, thermal label printer, and 1D/2D scanner.

ESA Certified

Our lockers are ESA approved and certified for use in North America.

Cloud based

Through either a 3G, WiFi or dedicated connection to the internet every locker is connected to our proprietary cloud software. All of our data resides on AWS servers behind the industry's most secure environment utilizing the latest encryption protocols and monitored by a dedicated dev/ops team.

Customizable Graphics

Our Smart Parcel Lockers can be customized with an innovative vinyl wrap that's durable and will allow you an unlimited amount of creative options to highlight your retail space

Our Locker is Your Billboard

Our Smart Parcel Lockers can be customized with a durable vinyl wrap that gives you an unlimited amount of creative options to visually coordinate the locker within its location setting.

Our vinyl wrap solution can turn your Smart Parcel Locker into a huge billboard to highlight your brand and its 17” terminal screen is available to communicate updates, events, advertisements and basically anything else you can think of.

The only limit is your imagination.