Creating a more "liveable" urban environment

Smart Parcel Lockers, particularly in Asia and parts of Europe, are becoming more and more commonplace as urban planners and city governments try to tackle two major issues: urban congestion and air quality.

In fact, massive Smart Parcel Locker installations are at the centre of new thinking for urban planned Smart Cities where vehicular traffic has been replaced by bicycle lanes and footpaths. Entire planned neighbourhoods include Smart Parcel Lockers that are located on the fringes ofthe city, so that couriers need not drive to each and every house or condo to deliver their parcels. Consumers can access these installations 24/7 and can pick up parcels rain or shine on their time quickly and easily.

It’s honestly just a matter of time before this is the norm in a world where city dwellers and new home owners are demanding new thinking on “liveable” urban environments.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, for the express courier this means some major advantages in a host of areas. From increasing bottom line profits to providing better customer service, we’ve assembled the top five ways in which Parcel Port Smart Lockers will make you a hero with consumers and your shareholders.

1.    Eliminate missed deliveries. So here’s the deal. As an express courier you know that almost 30% of your consumer deliveries are unsuccessful. Most likely because they’re not home to sign or accept the package. The result of course can be a costly re-delivery, a risk of it being stolen if left unattended on their porch and the wonderful customer relationship path of having the consumer visit your depot. Depending on the time of year, that’s 30-40 minutes of their life they’ll never get back. Here’s the beauty of a Parcel Port Smart Locker. You-just-deliver-the-parcel.No worrying about someone being home, it being stolen or leaving those “Pick up at the Depot” sticky notes on the consumer’s front door. As an express courier, dropping parcels off at a Parcel Port Smart Locker is a very easy and quick process.

2.     Killing a bunch of birds with one stone.You know that with each individual parcel delivery to one house or condo unit you’re wasting time and money. It’s the ubiquitous last mile dilemma that we’ve spoken so much about. Imagine if all the parcels for one neighbourhood could be delivered at one time. Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Well, with Parcel Port Smart Lockers that’s exactly what happens. The consumer loves it because of number one above, and you love it because you save a ton of time (and we know what that means).

3.    In and Out. Ok so we’ve gone through the inbound Smart Parcel Locker revolution. What about outbound shipments? Yep, you guessed as much. Parcel Port SmartParcel Lockers can be used as outbound shipping nodes for consumer and small business parcels. The wins here are huge. Not only is it easy: at the same time as you’re dropping off inbound parcels for the entire neighbourhood or building, you’re also picking up shipments from consumers and SMB’s, plus you’re the courier.Once you’re on board with us as a partner our “Extra Smart” Smart ParcelLockers will even notify you that a pick up is waiting. Yes, we are that smart.Ultimately, you’re saving time and money on the inbound side but also picking up incremental business on the outbound side without incurring any “pick up”costs.

4.    Going up? As more and more planners and city governments reward developers for going “up”instead of “out”, condos are becoming the new face of urban architecture. Much like the same scenario for urban neighbourhoods, condos and large commercial high rises are a perfect place for Parcel Port Smart Locker installations. Definitely a semi captive environment where express couriers can drop off multiple parcels that hit the entire complex at one time. Additionally, as more and more office buildings embrace Smart Parcel Lockers the same is true. The days of express couriers dealing with “concierges” that are out on patrol, never-ending up and down elevator rides, and condo dwellers that are not at home is soon to be a thing of the past. Remember, however, that as an express courier you’ll need to be set up and recognized by the Smart Locker system as a partner. Easy enough to do and a breeze with Parcel Port.

5.    Bringing it home. Installing a Parcel Port Smart Locker at your depot is also another way to deal with customer pickups, even if your depot is closed. Essentially, with a Parcel Port Smart Locker installation on your premises, your depot becomes a self-serve parcel pick up location for those customers that may have missed a delivery or have in fact selected your depot as a pickup location because it’s more convenient for them. Regardless, providing this option will decrease consumer waiting times, especially during peak seasons, decrease your staffing, and provide easier and more convenient parcel pickups. Which is ideally what the consumer is looking for.

Parcel Port is working towards building the largest independent and open parcel locker network in North America. Our locker network is designed to be used by any express courier who wants to lower their service costs while improving service and is being deployed in convenient community locations and multi-unit residential and commercial buildings.

We offer a range of services and an open API that allows couriers to integrate a ParcelPort offering into their current service making it easy for express couriers to take advantage without having to build it themselves.

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can improve your operations, raise your service game with your customers and their consignees and reduce your costs!

Thanks as always

The Parcel Port Team.