So you've made the decision to install a Smart Locker, great choice! The team at Parcel Port have listed the top things you should consider before you go forward.

Indoor vs. Outdoor – Generally speaking residents will prefer the comfort and convenience of indoor lockers. In colder climates where snow and freezing rain occurs, locker slots can occasionally freeze shut, which is not the best experience. Picking outdoor locations with partial or full cover is best if possible, otherwise outdoor lockers should be a last resort.

Location, Location! – Lockers should be installed in or close to the building lobby, for several reasons. First, residents frequently pass through the lobby to get their mail or to get to the elevator, so a quick detour to grab their parcels is convenient. Also, the concierge is close by to answer questions, keep an eye on things and direct couriers for parcel drop-offs. Couriers will appreciate keeping the route to the locker simple and well-defined, as drivers change often. Remember parcel lockers are open 24/7 so the area you select should be as well. You can provide the best experience possible by selecting the best location!

Space – Keep in mind that it’s not only residents that will use the space, but couriers with trolleys will need to navigate around your locker as well. The rule of thumb is to allow 42” in front of the installation and plan for a minimum ceiling height of 7’.

Locker Expansion – It’s best to think ahead when planning your location and before ordering your locker system. As parcel volumes increase (and they will) you’ll need more capacity to adapt and consequently more space in order to add locker banks. Be sure to pick a system that can scale easily, and plan for a second location just in case.

Electrical – Most parcel lockers run off a standard 120 V plug and draw a minimal amount of power. Your chosen location should have an outlet available, ideally positioned behind the locker. If that’s not possible, it should be close by and secured with a tamper proof encasement.

Internet Connectivity – Smart lockers are dependent on connecting to the cloud and as such a reliable internet connection is key. Ideally a wired connection is preferable, however wireless can work as long as the connection is stable and bandwidth is reliably available. Remember if passwords (wi-fi, direct) are changed, you’ll need to inform your locker vendor.

Lighting – Adequate lighting is an important aspect of the locker experience. Best to ensure that the space has good ambient lighting, 24/7.

Security – As most lockers have their own security cameras you don’t need a space where location cameras are present. Additionally, most locker software keeps track of all pickups and drop-offs for extra peace of mind if something should occur.

Aesthetics - In order to fit in or complement the surrounding area (or to match your branding), lockers can be wrapped in vinyl. From simple decals to full murals, the only limit is your imagination.

You've made the first steps towards providing a service your tenants and residents will appreciate. Thanks for reading!

The Parcel Port team