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The results are in... 99.6% of residents who use ParcelPort Smart Lockers say they love them! 

From large residential towers to sprawling communities, ParcelPort Smart Lockers offer a courier agnostic solution for automating the management of an ever increasing number of daily package deliveries. 

Storage space is at a premium, labor costs are increasing, and today's savvy residents look for friendly options when it comes to their package delivery needs. By partnering with property managers and boards of directors, we can offer a Smart Locker solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

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Custom Residential Locker

Property Managers Choose Us

Our purpose is to transform parcel logistics through the smart use of technology. And when it comes to residential buildings and communities, we've tackled the difficult challenges allowing you to enjoy:

  • 24/7 parcel accessibility 
  • No lost or stolen parcels
  • Quick, contactless pickups
  • 100% package delivery rates
  • Giving residents a service they will LOVE!
  • Fully insured for locker and contents liability
  • Reducing staff time to manage package deliveries

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Easy for both residents and couriers.

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Courier delivers
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Resident receives
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Resident retrieves
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Locker Software

Our proprietary, easy to use software streamlines drop-offs and pickups while our cloud software monitors and manages every Residential Smart Locker in our network. Our field proven software stack includes the following features:

  • Multilingual 
  • PIPEDA compliant
  • 24/7 locker monitoring 
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Automated resident lookups
  • Locker administrative portal
  • Visual and auditory user prompts
  • Auto recipient matching to courier scan
  • Simple "scan & go" drop-offs and pickups
  • Integrates with most property management software

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Locker Hardware

All of our Residential Smart Lockers are engineered and fabricated in North America to the highest standard of security, intelligence, and configurability. ParcelPort lockers offer the following key build characteristics: 

  • ESA certified 
  • Video surveillance
  • Full slot parcel sensors
  • Five different slot sizes
  • Choice of any paint color 
  • Modular and readily expandable
  • Full steel construction for high security
  • Industrial grade touch screen computer
  • Backup power and remote power switch
  • Requires only an internet connection & standard 110V outlet

Support Services

We offer locally based, comprehensive support packages with every Residential Smart Locker we install which includes:

  • Courier liaison
  • Extended warranty
  • On-site service repair
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Camera surveillance monitoring
  • Bilingual 1-800 and email support
  • Locker & cloud software with regular updates
Smart Locker Support

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Why did NXT choose ParcelPort?


"Our Boards and Residents are thrilled with the ParcelPort Smart Lockers.  They have alleviated so much work and issues that lost packages are now nonexistent!  Residents have the freedom to collect their package any time they want. Well worth the investment. Only wish we had done it sooner! "

- Del Property Management 

Future Services

Always innovating, our development team continues to evolve our Residential Smart Locker solution and envision offering the following services in the future:

  • Food Storage
  • Retail product returns
  • Outbound courier shipping
  • Alcohol, prescription & cannabis delivery
  • Revenue sharing through local advertising 
Outbound Shipping Locker