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The world of retail is constantly evolving. To stay competitive, brands must embrace omni-channel distribution. With Smart Retail Parcel Lockers, retailers are now able to deliver product and accept returns anywhere lockers are present in a way that is easy and convenient for the customer. 

At ParcelPort, we understand Smart Lockers should be an integral part of your customer's journey with your brand. We are one of the only providers offering both turn-key Smart Locker solutions and fully customizable options. With ParcelPort, you now can implement the perfect logistics solution to WOW customers, reduce logistics costs, and expand your brand's reach and awareness.

Retail Parcel Locker

Retailers Choose ParcelPort

We are a solutions company using Smart Locker technology to meet the ever changing demands of retailers. Fierce competition from online retailers, rising logistics cost, and increased customer expectations are just a few of the challenges we set out to solve every day for our retail customers. 

With a partner-first philosophy, ParcelPort can help you:

  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Build your ideal BOPIS solution
  • Accept products returns anywhere, anytime 
  • Gain access to an ever growing Smart Locker network
  • Increase brand awareness with one-of-a-kind advertising opportunities 
  • WOW your customers with omni-channel distribution and unique experiences

Whether you need an immediate plug-and-play solution or a custom designed Smart Locker presence, let's connect and bring your Smart Locker concept to life!



Ready-To-Go Lockers

Need a solution fast? We have standardized lockers at the ready with software able to connect to most e-commerce and POS systems.

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Custom Solutions

Wow your customers with customized locker solutions designed to meet your exact needs and specifications.



Access Our Network

We're building North America's largest Smart Locker network. Deliver orders and accept returns anywhere, even if you don't have your own Smart Locker.

BOPIS Automation

Reduce labor overhead costs and improve your customer's experience through automation that allows for rapid in-store pickups and returns. Our BOPIS Retail Smart Parcel Locker solution offers:

  • Ease of expansion
  • Rear or front fill options
  • Numerous integration options
  • 5 standard compartment sizes 
  • Simple scan-and-go pick up, deposit and return processes
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Custom Smart Locker

Custom Locker Solutions

All of the software and hardware in our Smart Retail Parcel Locker solutions is designed and produced in North America by our team and that of our manufacturing partner. Having complete control of our technology allows us to produce customized locker solutions that best suit your business, your customers or your brand. No idea or innovation is beyond our collective ability to make it happen. 

Shopify Integration

ParcelPort lockers are fully integrated with Shopify making BOPIS integration a breeze.

Key considerations include:

  • Integration can be done in a few minutes
  • Supports rear-fill and front-fill deposit options
  • Status of orders in the locker are automatically updated
  • Orders are automatically captured to facilitate streamlined locker deposits 

Don't have Shopify? ParcelPort has you covered there too with the ability to integrate with most eCommerce software solutions. 

Outbound Shipping Locker

Parcel Shipping

Increasing costs of courier shipping and rising customer expectations are challenges that every retailer faces. Smart Retail Parcel Lockers facilitate critical mass on drop-off and 24/7 logistics which reduce shipping costs while giving consumers a convenient, secure and environmentally friendly way to receive their orders. By tapping into our growing network of Smart Lockers and best-of-breed couriers, you can reduce costs and expand the choices you give your customers.

Product Returns

Product returns are a critical process in the on-line shopping experience and an expensive one given the percentage of products that are returned and the associated logistics and staff costs. Smart Lockers revolutionize the process by giving your customers a super convenient, package-free drop-off method offering instant refunds. By tapping into our growing network of Smart Lockers you can take advantage of having returns picked up during the drop-off process and the aggregation of returns before sending them back to you – both designed to significantly reduce your cost per return. 

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Locker Branding

Branding and Advertising

Smart Lockers offer a unique and visually appealing way to advertise. Our locker roll-out includes locating many of them in high traffic, public areas where you can use them to stand out from the crowd. Your locker can be designed to include:

  • On locker branded wraps
  • Top mounted digital screens 
  • Terminal screen flash advertisements

With ParcelPort Smart Lockers, you'll have a presence that gets noticed by a lot of people. Each locker, which you can use to lower your logistics costs and increase customer convenience, can now serve to also promote your brand.