Our Vision

To create a more efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly parcel logistics system.

more than just smart lockersWe're Helping to Build the Future of  Parcel Logistics

The team at ParcelPort deeply believes the current methods of parcel delivery and returns are outdated, not consumer-centric, too costly, and environmentally harmful. Our vision is to revolutionize parcel logistics for the benefit of retailers, consumers, couriers, and our environment. 

With the inevitable and continued growth of online shopping, current parcel logistics methods are unsustainable. If given a choice, the majority of consumers would choose methods to receive and return products in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. ParcelPort's solution is to build North America's largest and most connected Smart Locker network.

We've partnered with some of the brightest minds from all reaches of the supply chain industry. Together, and through a network of dedicated, public, and hybrid Smart Lockers, the future of logistics is taking shape. 

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Why It Works

While there are many components to the ParcelPort Network, Smart Lockers are the keystones, shared assets within an ecosystem bringing increased value to consumers, retailers, and couriers so that:

  • Deliveries are made en masse, reducing home-to-home deliveries. 
  • Deliveries are made 24/7 at times when it is most efficient to do so. 
  • Deliveries are made to locations most convenient for the consumer. 
  • Missed deliveries and parcel theft are eliminated.
  • Products are returned where it is most convenient for the consumer. 
  • Returns are aggregated locally and returned to retailers in bulk.

A broad North American network of Smart Parcel Lockers means consumers can pickup or return packages anywhere on the continent, retailers will reduce their overall logistics costs, and the environment benefits as a result of fewer first and last mile movements. A win-win-wind solution!

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Retailers Front and Center

Both online retailers and traditional storefronts are facing an ever growing problem; rising logistics costs and a more demanding consumer. By becoming a part of the ParcelPort Smart Locker Network, retailers are able to:

  • Create or expand their physical footprint at a fraction of the cost.
  • Grow brand awareness with new, targeted marketing opportunities across the entire network. 
  • Provide choice to the consumer as to where they desire purchases to be sent to be picked up at their convenience. 
  • Give consumers the ability to efficiently pickup in-store, eliminating shipping costs and potential returns. 
  • Accept returns anywhere, anytime while reducing cost with our aggregated return process. 

Even if just a portion of the ParcelPort Smart Locker Network is accessed, retailers can yield significant logistics savings and increased consumer loyalty. For retailers utilizing the full capabilities of the network, the possibilities are nearly endless in growing market share all while reducing the cost of moving goods by up to 30%.